Nate Aronow Nextet / Xpression:
The Nextet's newest CD is jam-packed with a cookin' collection of original tunes ranging from Latin and Jazz to Funk and Trance. It contains several outstanding vocal tunes, most of them co-writes with "the Working Man's songwriter" Mike Swinchoski. Listen to a few of these, and you are going to want to get your hands on a copy of this whole CD! Pick it up now at CD Baby.
1. Xpression (N. Aronow)
2. See You at the Light (N. Aronow/M. Swinchoski)
3. Free Society (N. Aronow/M. Swinchoski)
4. Kingston Shuffle (N. Aronow)
5. Urgent Message (N. Aronow)
6. You Set It Up Girl (N. Aronow/M. Swinchoski)
7. Trance in Five (N. Aronow)
8. So Far Away Now (N. Aronow/M. Swinchoski)
9. Disturbing Dream (N. Aronow)
10. Bikin' the Bike (N. Aronow)
11. Crazy Gringo (N. Aronow)
12. This Happy (N. Aronow)
13. Jazz Guru (N. Aronow)
      Nate Aronow Trio / Quartet - The Demo:
A brand new studio recording of the Nextet in it's classic Jazz Trio and Quartet formats. The core of the Trio has Richard Shaw on bass and Gillian DeLear on drums. The Quartet features Jay Sylva on Saxophone. We would love to add some cool sounds to your next social or business event. Drop us an email and we would be happy to send you a copy of this new CD!
Check out some comments from folks we've played for!

1. Triste (A.C. Jobim)
2. Up Jumped Spring (F. Hubbard)
3. Minority (G. Gryce)
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (H. Arlen/E.Y. Harburg)

5. Skydive (F. Hubbard)
6. The Chicken (A. Ellis)
7. Nica's Dream (H. Silver)
      Adding Fuel to the Fire -
Nate Aronow Nextet featuring Frank Withey

An EP of 6+ cool new tunes, all sure to be hits! The mellow and moody 'A Better Place' is dedicated to Frank Withey, great guitarist and gentleman who passed away shortly after laying down tracks for this recording. Songs on this EP range from the straight-ahead swing of 'One Note Waltz', the smooth sounds of 'Slinky Thing', the twisted Motown groove of 'Hey Busta' to the blazing blues guitar of "Frank's Shuffle". Frank, we miss you!
Credits and Recording Info

1. A Better Place
2. Hey Busta
3. Funk It
4.One Note Waltz

5. Slinky Thing
6. Teeny Bop
7. Frank's Shuffle

The 2nd Smooth Jazz Avenue - Various Artists
4-CD Compilation Set on Sony BMG - Poland

Once again, Nate is honored to have a third tune included on a Sony BMG release: Nightripper (re-titled Cafe Blanc) from the Hearing Things CD. It is humbling to appear on a CD that includes tracks from the likes of Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Bireli LaGrene! A very nice Jazz compilation. Pick it up at Merlin Records.



Hot Salsa - Various Artists
2-CD Compilation Set on Sony BMG - Poland

The Poles are known for their love of hot Salsa music, so Aronowmusic is honored to have two tunes placed in this excellent collection of Latin material: Free Society (re-titled Sociedad Libre) as played live on WERS radio by the original Landlords of Soul, and Joyride (re-titled Fiesta de Rio) from the Hearing Things CD. More information available at Merlin Records.







Hearing Things - Nate Aronow Nextet:

An instrumental and compositional tour de force featuring 12 wildly varied tunes: The samba party of "Joyride", the melodic-meat-on-Hip-Hop-bone of "Bring It On", the three-guitar ominous swamp rock of "Stalkin'", a tribute to Wayne of the jazz world in "Wayne's World", the sweet and innocent "Moneeka". Imagine yourself at 3AM in a French Cafe listening to "Nightripper".... And much, much more!
Credits and Recording Info


Bring it On
3. Gimme 5
4. Stalkin’




Involution - Nate Aronow Quintet:
A nice collection of jazz standards, both old and new, plus two originals. Credits and Recording Info.

6. Magnificent Bastard (K. Higgins)
7. Involution (N. Aronow)
8. Jeannine (D. Pearson)
9. Butterfly (H. Hancock)
10. Monk’s Mood (T. Monk)

Jazz Vol. 1 Nate and the Companions:

We want to be your Companions!
Credits and Recording Info


1. Minority (G. Gryce)
2. Witch Hunt (W. Shorter)
3. Deluge (W. Shorter)
4. Nutville (H. Silver)

5. Stolen Moments (O. Nelson)
6. Sea Journey (C. Corea)
7. Let’s Cool One (T. Monk)


The Best of the Landlords of Soul

The Landlords stormed onto the Boston R&B/Funk scene in the early '90's, and people are still talking about them. This CD features live cuts from WERS's Studio 'C', recordings from the Prophet Studio sessions, and even some rare underground tapes from the fabled Harvard Terrace basement studio in Allston. Credits and Recording Info

1. It’s Always Sunny at the Mall (Prophet Studio) (N. Aronow)
2. Feeling Loose (Prophet Studio)(M. Swinchoski and N. Aronow)
3. Love Shrinks (Allston Demo) (N. Aronow)
4. Free Society (WERS-Live) (M. Swinchoski and N. Aronow)
5. Amnesia (WERS-Live) (M. Swinchoski and N. Aronow)
6. You’re So Smart (WERS-Live) (N. Aronow)
7. We Just Want To Funk You (Allston Demo) (N. Aronow)
8. Brick House (Allston Demo) (King/LaPread/McClary/Orange/Ritchie/Williams)
9. Hey Big Boy (Prophet Studio) (N. Aronow)
10. Hey Big Boy/Theme to the Nate and Larry Show
(WERS-Live) (N. Aronow)



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