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Sony/BMG Hot Salsa CD #88697134302

CD1, track 14 Charles Vaughn “Sociedad Libre”, Original title: Free Society (M. Swinchoski and N. Aronow)
Nathan Aronow – Keyboards
Kevin Ryan – Guitar
Charles Vaughn – Vocals
Andy Marvelous – Bass
Barry Lit – Drums
Peter Argyres – Saxophone
Steve McGinn – Trumpet

CD2, track 7 Nate Aronow Nextet “Fiesta de Rio”, Original title: Joyride (N. Aronow)
Nate Aronow – Keyboards
Kevin Higgins – Drums
Jon Frederick – Electric and Acoustic Bass
Dave Levitt – Guitar
Steve LeFebvre – Trumpet
Jay Sylva – Tenor Sax
Oscar Arocha – Percussion