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Involution – Nate Aronow Quintet

1. Song for Bilbao (P. Methany)                 7. Involution (N. Aronow)
2. Skydive (F. Hubbard)                             8. Jeannine (D. Pearson)
3. House of Jade (W. Shorter)                  9. Butterfly (H. Hancock)
4. BLT (N. Aronow)                                   10. Monk’s Mood (T. Monk)
5. Speak No Evil (W. Shorter)
6. Magnificent Bastard (K. Higgins)

Nate Aronow – Keyboards
Kevin Higgins – Drums
Jon Frederick – Acoustic Bass
Steve McGinn – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Dave Levitt – Guitar

‘BLT’ written by Nathan Aronow.
‘Magnificent Bastard’ written by Kevin Higgins.
Recorded and mixed by Kevin Higgins at Bates Motel Studio, Watertown, MA. Cover illustration by Ben Shahn.
Cover design by Jon Frederick.